New Year, New Game

The fine folk over at Gnome Stew have issued a challenge to gamers for 2012: run a new game this year!. Run a new campaign in your favorite system, run a new game system you haven’t tried before, whatever. Just run a new game. As part of this challenge, they’ve created a contest as well.  Write a blog post about whatever new game you are going to run, and you could win a prize package worth over $150! All of the details can be found here. I’m not actually going to enter the contest, but I do plan on running a few new games this year.

First, I hope to run another one-shot session of the Dresden Files RPG. I ran one 2 years ago at Gen Con that went over pretty well, and another one several months ago which was a bit bumpy due to insufficient knowledge of the magic system. I plan on rereading the rules soon and then I want to run another session to give the magic system a good shakedown.

Second, I plan to run a playtest of the new D&D rules once the cat is out of the bag at the D&D Experience later this month. I’m excited about the possibilities based on the list of designers on the team, and their stated goals for how they want the game to play.

Finally, I am going to run at least a one-shot of the new Marvel Heroic Roleplaying game. This is another game I am excited about, based on their use of the Cortex Plus system as the base for it. I’m always interested in new attempts at rules for supers, and this one looks pretty good so far.

So what about you, devoted reader? Are you entering the contest? What new games might you be looking to run this year?

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